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Gyeon Certified Car Valeter, Car Detailer, PPF Installer Plymouth

Reflection Correction, Professional Valeting & Detailing Plymouth

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Reflection Correction Specialises in professional car detailing, paint protection & paint correction/wet sanding with over 17 years experience.


Being GYEON Certified and Factory Trained we are committed to keeping your vehicle in pristine condition.


We use the latest and most advanced GYEON products, GYEON Q² Infinite warranted coatings that are only available to GYEON Certified Detailers that offer infinite warranty and GYEON Paint Protection Film (PPF) to provide superior protection that will enhance and protect your vehicles paintwork, plastics and interior. 

Professional Car Care Plymouth

Paint Protection Specialist Plymouth

GYEON Certified Detailer Plymouth

GYEON PPF Installer Plymouth

PVD Approved & Fully Insured

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Professional Car Detailing Plymouth

What is Car Detailing ?

Professional car detailing is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-nearly new condition. Car detailing services are much more precise and labour-intensive than getting a car wash. A car wash is normally a hand Car wash or automated machine wash to the exterior and hand dry.
Professional auto detailing is always done by hand, and includes precise and intensive exterior and interior car detailing services. 

What Our Car Detailing Services Include in Professional Car Detailing?

While anyone can detail a car by cleaning the inside and outside as best as they can, a professional detail is done by an experienced detailer with the right techniques and high quality products such as us reflection correction.

Here are common car detailing services that we typically include in our packages:

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Exterior wash and dry – This washing and drying process is done by hand. The detailer will spray and wipe down the body of the car with specialized products. This includes hand washing the rims, door handles, and glass.

  • Paint Claying – A clay bar is used to remove any contaminants, overspray, or residue left after the car has been washed. Claying results in a cleaner and smoother surface, and helps increase the effectiveness of polish and wax. 

  • Polishing – Polishing buffs an abrasive compound onto the car’s paint to remove small layers of clear coat. This makes small scratches and swirls in the paint disappear. 

  • Sealing or Waxing – To give the car a glossy shine and to add a protective layer to the car’s paint, a sealant is applied. In some cases, wax can be used.

Valeting and Detailing Cornwall

Our Services

Valeting & Detailing Torpoint, Plymouth



Car valeting is a professional service that refreshes the appearance of your car. It can include a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle

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Professional Detailing Torpoint, Plymouth



We Specialise in paint protection & only use GYEON Q² Infinite warranted coatings to protect your car from the elements and extend the life of your vehicle.

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PPF (Paint Protection Film) Installation Torpoint, Plymouth



At Reflection Correction, we provide the highest quality PPF, Using GYEON Paint Protection Film, we make sure that your car's paint is always protected & looking its best..

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Professional Vehicle Valeting & Detailing, Torpoint Plymouth
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